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This guide brings you great ideas for garden games that don’t need any equipment. It’s a great way to get the fam outside, have some fun and stay healthy. Plus, each game is suited to different ages and skills, meaning everyone can get involved. Don’t sit inside bored when you could be out enjoying yourselves together! Whether it’s grandma or little Johnny, it’s sure to bring your gang closer together and give y’all something to look back on fondly.

The Benefits Of This Guide

Gettin’ Bored? Check Out This Guide! Having the same old routine getting stale? We’ve got a great idea to bring some freshness back I.

Check out this guide for some fun games that are accessible to families with limited resources. Not only will it help keep your crew entertained, but kids and grown-ups alike can get outside and get their physical and mental health kickstarted.

Plus, you’ll be able to devote quality time toward strengthening family bonds with each game. There’s something fun for everyone here, no matter their age or skill level!

So grab your sunscreen and let’s hit the garden for some cool-sounding fun!

The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game is a really awesome way to have fun and learn both inside and outside but is great fun in the backyard.

It’s simple to play: one person calls out a letter and then everyone else has to spot an object in the garden that starts with it. Whoever finds something first gets to select the next letter.

What’s more, it’s also a great opportunity to activate those creative juices, sharpen your observational skills and get familiar with what the letters in the alphabet stand for. There’s nothing quite like showing your opponent who has got the bullseye when they thought they had victory locked down!

So don’t hesitate: grab your friends or family members, find yourself an outdoor space, and let your imagination soar as you compete to be the master of ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’. And whoever wins gets bragging rights until next time – you’ve gotta look after those competitive juices too!

Simon Says

Playing “Simon Says” has more going for it than just having a good time: It’s a great way to engage listeners and get kids’ bodies moving!

Unlike the usual game of freeze tag, Simon Says activates both physical and mental faculties.

To play, one person takes control and speaks like an all-seeing Simon. The leader calls out commands such as “Simon says tap your head” or “Simon says jump up and down.” All players who fail to obey the command when starting with “Simon says” are out of the round — which keeps everyone on their toes, as if they’re freezing in midair!

This classic game can teach children to sharpen their listening skills while powering up their bodies. Not only that, but it also encourages collaboration, problem-solving, focus and concentration. These skills are helpful in maintaining success throughout high school testing and beyond! So go ahead and give your brain some early training; play Simon Says!

Duck, Duck, Goose

Grab a friend and give Duck, Duck, Goose a try!

This fun game is an awesome way to get moving with your buds.

All you need is an open space and some people willing to play. Everyone starts by sitting in a circle. Then, the first player, or “it,” takes the lead – walking around the outside of the circle and tapping each player on the head while saying “duck.” Eventually, they will pick someone to be their target – which requires saying “goose” instead of “duck.” The selected individual has one mission: chase after “it” until they reach their own spot in the Circle. If they catch up before that happens, “it” switches up – with them becoming it instead! Otherwise, nothing changes and the same person stays at it.

Duck, Duck, Goose is a great way for kids to exercise without even realising it! It’s perfect for sharpening running and chasing skills while playing with friends – but also helps boost socialisation skills like communication and compromise.

That means games can be an all-round winner when it comes to hanging out. So grab some pals and give this old classic a try today!

Red Light, Green Light

Red Light, Green Light is a super-fun game that’s perfect for your next outdoor get-together.

To play, one person – the ‘It’ – stands at one end of the garden and everyone else starts on the other side. The ‘It’ yells out ‘Green Light’, and players run towards them. But watch out! At any time, they might call ‘Red Light’ and everyone must freeze in their tracks. If anyone dares to keep running after hearing ‘Red Light’, they are out of the game. The first person to reach the ‘It’ becomes the new ‘It’, and then you just start all over again.

Playing Red Light, Green light not only develops running and stopping skills; it cultivates an important sense of obedience and encourages good listening habits too. Whether it’s a family barbecue or a birthday party with friends, this classic game is always at hand to make sure your gathering is full of wholesome fun!

Treasure Hunt

Ready for an adventure? Gather your family outside to play Treasure Hunt!

It’s simple to play: someone from your family hides a series of items with clues that each lead to the next one. Starting out like a detective – using problem-solving skills and being observant – finding all the clues will eventually take you to the treasure at the end. If you’re sneaky enough to find it, you get to pick where it goes next!

It’s a fun game of multitasking and listening, so get excited and get snooping! You might just be on the brink of cracking a case sent straight from an intrepid explorer!


Playing “Tag” is a fun way to get some physical activity and improve your running and chasing skills while having a laugh with your friends.

You become the ‘it’ when you catch someone else, by tapping them or giving them a friendly poke. The game keeps going around until everyone gets tired. If you need a break, simply call out for a “time-out” – just don’t forget to call back for playtimes!

Playing tag is like an energising cardio session for both kids and adults – the perfect way to get those endorphins running without even trying. It’s all about having fun with your mates, so why not give it a go?

What Time Is It Mr Wolf?

A really fun game for all the family.

To play: One person is the “wolf” and they stand with their back turned, at the far end of the garden. The other players all line up at the other end and then yell out together, “What time is it, Mr Wolf?” The wolf replies with a time, like “eleven o’clock”, and each player takes one step closer. As this game progresses, the wolf will eventually respond with a different reply – something like “Dinnertime!” – and then quickly turn around to chase after the players! If you get caught then you become the new wolf in this game of tag.

Playing this game helps to improve all kinds of skills! In addition to physical movement and socialisation, it offers listening practice as well as counting – because you have to keep track of each hour that’s called out. Kids, especially, love this fun outdoor activity.

Shadow Tag

Shadow Tag is a game of strategy, agility and on-the-go reflexes.

To play, players try to trace the shadows of their opponents and tag those shadows, which changes when the player is “it.” Shadow Tag can be played just about anywhere – indoors or out! If there are no natural shadows outdoors, then players can use an object such as a frisbee or ball to cast some shadows.

Shadow Tag helps players develop skills in observation, chasing, and physical activity. Your reactions will be put to the test as you anticipate your opponent’s shadow movements before it’s too late! Keep your eye on their shadow so you don’t miss your chance to tag them. With plenty of laughter and maybe even a few surprises along the way, Shadow Tag was created with fun in mind!

Wrapping It All Up

Spending time outdoors with your loved ones is a great way to have fun, stay active, and bond with your family. If you’re looking for activities without any fancy equipment or complicated rules, then getting out in the garden and playing some backyard games is a perfect choice. These games will bring out everyone’s competitive side while also developing important skills like physical abilities, problem-solving, cooperation and coordination. So next time you want to get outside for fun and learning, invite your family and friends to join you for a good ol’ game in the garden. Trust us – it’ll be worth it!

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