How To Get Rid Of Wasps Under A Deck: Wasp Bombs?

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Nothing ruins a nice summer day on your deck like wasps menacingly buzzing about. Upon investigation, you discover a hidden paper nest under the deck housing hundreds of the pests. Time to take back your outdoor space! This guide will teach you to safely annihilate wasp nests using powerful aerosol sprays known as wasp bombs. let’s get learning about how to get rid of wasps under a deck!

Key Takeaways:

  • Wear protective clothing covering your whole body when approaching wasp nests to avoid stings
  • Use a flashlight and mirror tool to locate the nest entrance point under the deck
  • Select an aerosol spray designed specifically to kill wasps quickly
  • Insert nozzle in entry hole and spray steadily for 8-10 seconds from multiple angles
  • Wait at least 24 hours before removing nest to allow insecticide to take full effect
  • Seal the dead nest in a plastic bag and scrub away residue for safe disposal

Gear Up for Reconnaissance

Before you go hunting for the nest, proper protective attire keeps you from becoming a pin cushion for angry wasps guarding their turf.

  • Wear thick, light colored clothing covering all skin – long sleeves, pants, hat, and closed toe shoes.
  • Tuck pants into socks to eliminate gaps that wasps can sneak into.
  • Have a can of ready-to-use wasp spray in your toolkit for surprise encounters.
  • Bring a flashlight and telescoping mirror gadget to illuminate and see into dark corners under the deck.

Move slowly and carefully while on nest detection duty to avoid aggravating wasps.

Pinpoint the Nest’s Location

Finding exactly where wasps enter and exit from beneath the deck is crucial knowledge for planning your attack.

  • Inspect along beams and supports for small holes excavated in the wood surrounded by bare dirt – a telltale sign of wasps gnawing out their nest entrance.
  • Look for signs of papery gray nest material poking out from crevices.
  • Watch for wasp traffic zipping in and out around a particular area.

Once the nest access point is identified, mark the location prominently with fluorescent spray paint.

Choose the Right Wasp Bomb

For eliminating entrenched nests under decks, aerosol sprays designed specifically for wasps often work best. Read labels thoroughly and look for these effective ingredients and features:

  • Tetramethrin or Lambda-cyhalothrin – fast-acting pyrethroids that quickly paralyze wasps upon contact.
  • Residual action – continues killing wasps for 2-3 weeks after application.
  • Pinpoint or jet spray – penetrates deep into nest hideouts.
  • 15-20+ foot spray range – allows precision targeting of hard to reach nests.

Purchase at home improvement stores or order commercial grade wasp bombs online for severe cases.

Launch the Bombing Run

Once you’ve geared up and acquired the proper wasp-killing spray, it’s time to blow that nest to smithereens!

  • Clear any people and pets from the area first for safety.
  • Carefully insert the nozzle slightly into the entry hole previously marked.
  • Press down firmly on the trigger and steadily spray for 8-10 seconds. This floods the nest to exterminate the wasps inside.
  • Adjust the nozzle angle and spray again to coat the entire nest structure interior.
  • Flee the scene once done to avoid attacks from any remaining guard wasps!

Aftermath and Nest Removal

Give the insecticide spray at least 24 hours to fully neutralize all wasps inside the nest. Then dress in protective clothing once more to carefully remove and seal up the nest remains:

  • Inspect closely and listen for any buzzing before approaching clean up.
  • Use tongs and thick gloves to place the nest in a plastic bag sealed tightly.
  • Scrub the sprayed areas with soap and water to remove residue.
  • Celebrate your triumph over the pesky invaders!

For large or difficult to access nests, calling a professional may be the best option. Search for “wasp nest removal near me” to find experts equipped for the job.

Follow these battle plans to conquer wasp nests under decks. Soon you’ll be hosting barbecues and sunbathing on your wasp-free deck in peace once more!

Key Do’s and Don’ts When Tackling An Under-Deck Wasp Nest


DO wear protective clothing covering your entire body when approaching a wasp nest to avoid stings. They aggressively defend their territory!

DO choose a wasp bomb specifically formulated to kill wasps fast and penetrate nest hiding spots. Look for cypermethrin, tetramethrin or lambda-cyhalothrin.

DO mark the nest entrance clearly with spray paint so you can insert the nozzle in the right spot.

DO insert the nozzle slightly into the entry hole and spray steadily for 8-10 seconds from different angles to fill the nest.

DO wait at least 24 hours before removing the nest so the insecticide has time to fully take effect and kill all wasps inside.

DO scrub down sprayed areas thoroughly with soap and water after treatment to remove toxic pesticide residue.


DON’T stand directly under the nest when spraying. The provoked wasps will swarm that area as they rush out.

DON’T attempt spraying in windy conditions. The insecticide can blow back or disperse before entering the nest.

DON’T use a wasp bomb near any body of water or storm drains. The chemicals can contaminate waterways.

DON’T stand within 15 feet of the nest after spraying. Flee quickly once you’ve deployed the wasp bomb before angry guard wasps swarm!

DON’T attempt to seal and dispose of the nest without proper protective clothing and tools. Assume wasps may still be active inside.

DON’T let children or pets anywhere near the nest during and after treatment. The wasp bomb chemicals pose health risks if handled improperly.

Following these simple do’s and don’ts will help ensure you safely and effectively eliminate those unpleasant wasp nests from your deck for good!

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