20 Backyard Glamping Ideas: Build Your Own Luxury Den Without Leaving Home

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Imagine stepping outside your back door into a magical world of luxury camping. With the right glamping gear and a dash of creativity, your backyard becomes a paradise retreat. Give kids an endless summer by letting imaginations run wild in playful themed tents.

Reconnect with nature through the screen of a breezy papasan or the window of a tiny house haven. And when the day winds down, rest surrounded by twinkling lights under skies that glitter like diamonds. We’ve assembled the most demonstrably popular backyard glamping ideas and key factors associated with each. These should spark your wanderlust without ever leaving home.

From DIY weekend projects to rentals that transport you across the globe, these concepts turn backyards into vacation destinations.

So grab some s’mores and let your mind unwind as we inspire you to create your own whimsical escape. The adventure awaits…

1. Luxury Tents

Escape to the outdoors in serious style by pitching a spacious, fully-furnished safari tent. Outfit the interior with real beds, plush rugs, and hanging lanterns to create a relaxing oasis steps from your home.

  • Pitch a heavy-duty cotton canvas tent on a raised wooden platform
  • Furnish with real beds dressed in soft linens and cozy pillows
  • Layer rugs over the floor for comfort and warmth
  • Add portable furnishings like chairs, side tables, and storage trunks
  • String up twinkle lights and decorate with potted plants and flowers
  • Keep bugs at bay with tightly closing zippered door flaps

2. Spacious Cabins

Build a tiny guest cabin in your backyard for quaint lodging with more solid shelter. Install electricity, add windows, and furnish the interior with beds, seating, and camp-themed decor.

  • Construct a compact guest cabin from wood or prefab panels
  • Add windows and screen doors for natural light and ventilation
  • Install electrical wiring and outlets for lighting and devices
  • Include space for comfy beds, a sitting area, and storage
  • Outfit with rustic furnishings like twig chairs and tree stump tables
  • Decorate the exterior with flower boxes, strings of lights, and welcome mats

3. Camping Pods

For sturdy weather-tight shelter, install a prefabricated camping pod in your backyard. The insulated hard-shell design provides security and comfort for luxurious overnights with a connection to nature.

  • Order a molded plastic or fiberglass camping pod shell
  • Level gravel or paver stones to create a flat base
  • Assemble the pod pieces to create a watertight rectangular unit
  • Add a locking door and windows for light, ventilation, and views
  • Install a small electrical system for lighting, fans, and heating
  • Furnish the pod’s compact interior with beds, seating, and storage
  • Decorate with cozy camp-inspired textiles and accessories

4. Yurts

Channel rustic Mongolian vibes by installing a large round yurt tent on a raised deck or wooden platform. The stout circular design withstands wind and weather while the open layout creates a cozy shelter.

  • Assemble the collapsible latticed walls and conical roof
  • Deck or platform provides a level base protected from moisture
  • Door flaps or windows allow adjustable airflow
  • Insulate the walls and roof for greater temperature regulation
  • Add thick carpets, pillows, and tapestries over the plywood floor
  • Furnish with a bed, seating, and storage in the round open space
  • String fairy lights and decorate with boho tribal textiles

5. Teepees

For quick and easy glamping, set up a giant canvas teepee tent by draping fabric over a tall pole frame. The recognizable cone shape creates a roomy interior for lounging and sleeping protected from elements.

  • Drape oversized sturdy canvas around a tall wood pole
  • Tie flaps or add Velcro to seal up sides as needed
  • Fold back door flaps to allow airflow and light
  • Layer rugs and blankets over the ground for soft seating
  • Add low-profile beds, cushions, and ottomans to avoid poles
  • Scatter cozy pillows, poufs, and floor cushions
  • Decorate with Native American-inspired blankets and artifact

6. Bedouin Tents

Backyard glamping ideas don’t come any more exotic than this! Transport yourself to exotic desert locales within your own backyard using a low open-sided tent. The minimalist shelter against sun and wind takes on an Arabian Nights vibe with plush furnishings.

  • Drape billowing cotton canvas over a small wood frame
  • Keep sides open with loose ties for views and airflow
  • Load up the interior with colorful pillows and poufs
  • Cover the ground with ornate Moroccan-style rugs
  • Add low divans and cushions for lounging and sleeping
  • Drape with decorative exotic fabrics and tassels
  • Light up the space with hanging lanterns and candles

7. Treehouses

Relive childhood nostalgia and sleep surrounded by nature in a backyard treehouse. Build a platform in branches and outfit it with cushioned beds, lighting, and camp decor for elevated overnights.

  • Construct a sturdy plywood platform secured to tree limbs
  • Enclose sides with guard rails for safety from falling
  • Add a roof or upper level for more protected interior space
  • Furnish with cozy beds piled with pillows and linens
  • String fairy lights and lanterns around the interior
  • Decorate with camp-inspired accessories like canteens
  • Add mosquito netting canopy over the beds for bug-free sleep

8. Gypsy Wagons

Give your backyard a whimsical touch by upcycling a wooden wagon into a snug vardo-style retreat. Refurbish with new wheels so you can move it around for new views.

  • Source an old farm cart, buckboard, or covered wagon
  • Restore the wooden body and add new metal wheel rims
  • Cushion the interior with thick mattresses and bolsters
  • Install compact built-in storage nooks and shelving
  • Paint the exterior vibrant colors and stencil on ornate patterns
  • Drape the interior with colorful flowing fabrics for a cozy nest
  • Accent with burnished metal lanterns and draped tassels

9. Covered Wagons

Travel back to the Old West frontier by making your own vintage Conestoga-style wagon with a rounded canvas cover. Authentic details make for historic homespun accommodations.

  • Construct a long narrow wooden wagon base with slanted ends
  • Sew and fit a sturdy canvas cover over bowed sapling ribs
  • Line the interior with tucked quilts, mats, and woven blankets
  • Add a metal camp stove, lanterns, and other pioneers essentials
  • Fit built-in wooden storage boxes under bunked cots
  • Drape colorful patterned fabric over openings for privacy
  • Display antiques like washboards, kerosene lamps, and cast iron cookware

10. Tiny Houses

For long or frequent backyard stays, park a miniature mobile home like a camper, trailer, or tiny house. The compact space has modern amenities for comfy off-grid overnights.

  • Tow in a wheeled camper, trailer, or tiny home
  • Level on stabilizing jacks or blocks to prevent shifting
  • Hook up to electricity, water, and septic if connections available
  • Enjoy features like air conditioning, stoves, private bathrooms
  • Decoratively arrange the tight interior with multipurpose furnishings
  • Add touches like throw rugs, curtains, and camp-themed artwork
  • Create extra space with fold-down beds, lofts, and modular furniture

11. Shepherd’s Huts

Roll a dainty wooden shepherd’s hut onto your property for compact rustic lodging. The pint-sized design originated in the English countryside but translates well to pastoral backyard stays.

  • Build or buy a small wooden hut on wheels with a sleeping nook
  • Tow into place and prop up on stabilizer jacks or blocks
  • Add a tiny wood burning stove for heating and cooking
  • Include a fold-down table and stools for dining
  • Decorate the cozy interior with quilts, pillows, and gingham prints
  • Display faux pastoral tools like crooks and buckets with wildflowers
  • String twinkle lights over the corrugated metal roof for ambiance

12. Hobbit Holes

Create a magical Middle Earth abode by digging a round “hobbit hole” shelter into a backyard hillside. Line the earthy space with woven tapestries for rustic underground camping.

  • Dig a circular pit into a sloped yard to create an earthen room
  • Line the walls with waterproof drainage materials
  • Cover the dome roof with boards and a thick turf layer
  • Install a round colored door made to look like a barrel top
  • Add lanterns and woven wall hangings over bare earth walls
  • Layer patterned rugs over the dirt or stone floor
  • Furnish with low seats and beds piled with cozy textiles

13. Geodesic Domes

Assemble a dome tent from interlocking poles and fabric for groovy, space-age lodging. The geometric structure provides sturdy shelter while recalling ’60s and ’70s counterculture.

  • Connect and bolt together lengths of metal pipes
  • Stretch waterproof triangular fabric panels over the frame
  • Anchor the dome shape securely to the ground
  • Add a floor and furnish with low, round profile furniture
  • Outfit with retro decor like beanbag chairs and lava lamps
  • Drape the interior with tapestries and beaded doorways
  • Keep it lit with string lights and paper lanterns

14. Bell Tents

Make a stylish statement by pitching a wide conical bell tent with vertical sides and a roof center pole. The extra high ceiling provides ample space for plush furnishings.

  • Stake down the heavy circular canvas base
  • Insert the tall central pole through the roof opening
  • Raise the pole to stretch the fabric into a tall bell shape
  • Tie back the straight-sided flaps to allow airflow
  • Furnish with beds, cushions, and sitting areas around the pole
  • Decorate with bold prints, piles of pillows, and ornate rugs
  • Add chandeliers, shelves, and other glam accessories

15. Beach Shacks

Channel oceanside cottage vibes by building a petite wooden shack decorated with sand, shells, and driftwood. The beachy lodging feels peaceful and relaxing.

  • Construct a small gabled wooden cottage or shed
  • Paint the exterior in sunny yellows, sky blues, and white
  • Deck out the interior with natural elements like woven sea grass and seashell wind chimes
  • Add netting, seashell mobiles, and glass float lights
  • Incorporate reclaimed driftwood for benches, shelves, and signage
  • Outfit with wicker, rattan, or whitewashed furniture
  • Use lots of breezy linen, nautical stripes, and sun-bleached textures

16. Tropical Huts

Recreate a Polynesian paradise right outside your door by constructing a thatched tiki hut over araised bed. Bamboo accents and lush greenery complete the exotic escape.

  • Build a square raised platform for the bed
  • Construct a slanted, open-sided palm thatch roof
  • Surround the bed with airy net or mesh curtains
  • Add bamboo torches and woven grass mats on the ground
  • Incorporate rattan chairs, lanterns, and hammocks
  • Pot tropical plants like hibiscus and palms around the site
  • Display traditional masks, carved statues, and conch shells

17. Covered Cots

Keep outdoor snoozing simple by hanging sturdy canvas off a basic metal cot frame. This creates shelter while still allowing fresh air flow from all sides.

  • Start with a foldable metal cot frame
  • Stretch water-repellent canvas over the top
  • Drape additional canvas along the sides to cocoon completely
  • Tie flaps back during the day and lower at night
  • Dress the cot up with plush pillows and warm blankets
  • Add mosquito netting that can be tucked up when not needed
  • Include foldable end tables, lanterns, and camp chairs

18. Hanging Beds

Incorporate whimsical height into your camp by suspending cozy padded bed hammocks from trees or a freestanding frame. Airy netting adds drama.

  • String sturdy nylon, cotton, or hemp hammock beds
  • Nestle into the deeply cushioned mattresses
  • Drape airy fine mesh netting overhead
  • Gather netting at corners for an elegant draped effect
  • Add mosquito netting layered under or over the decorative outer mesh
  • Attach waterproof roof panels overhead in case of rain
  • Include dangling lanterns and plant hangers around the beds

19. Suspended Tents

Let your lodging seem to float in thin air by hanging lightweight nylon-shell tents from cables, poles, or tree branches. The hovering effect feels magical.

  • Tie sturdy cables between trees or frames
  • Attach weatherproof ripstop nylon tent bubbles with carabiners
  • Furnish the compact interiors with beds and folding furniture
  • Include mesh roof panels or doors to stargaze on clear nights
  • Hang lanterns and mobiles from the tent ceiling
  • Add a raised floor or deck to use the space underneath
  • Stake narrow paths from the dangling tents to the ground

20. Tipis

Channel the old American West with tall, thin cone-shaped tipis. The soaring structures create dramatic height for mystical lodging vibes.

  • Tie together long wooden poles at the top
  • Spread out the base in a large circle
  • Wrap buffalo hide, canvas, or cotton canvas around the frame
  • Secure the adjustable flaps with wooden pegs
  • Cover the ground in cowhides, patterned blankets, and plush pillows
  • Include storage trunks and woven baskets
  • Decorate the interior with Native American artifacts and souvenirs

Backyard Glamping Ideas: Key Do’s and Don’ts


Choose durable, waterproof materials like canvas, ripstop nylon, and weather-sealed wooden structures. Flimsy, porous fabrics won’t stand up well to the elements.

Prepare a flat, level surface as your base by clearing debris, grading, and laying pavers, gravel, or patio blocks. This prevents tipping and moisture collection.

Stake tents securely using heavy-duty anchors and tight, reinforced guy lines. Wind is the biggest threat to temporary structures.

Seal seams and openings thoroughly with high-quality caulk and sealant to prevent leaks. Leave windows and doors zippered or closed while unattended.

Insulate as needed using rug pads beneath and foam panels within tents. Space heaters and warm bedding also prevent chill.

Add separate mosquito netting inside tents or around beds for breathable, bug-free comfort. Netting keeps out pests without condensation buildup.

Use battery-powered lighting like string lights and lanterns to illuminate tents and pathways. Candles pose fire risks.

Follow electrical safety codes by hiring an electrician to handle wiring. Use GFCI outlets and outdoor-rated cords and fixtures.

Provide shade with easy-up canopies over seating areas. Excess sun exposure ruins the relaxing vibe.

Have a backup plan like a garage, screened patio, or reserve rental for unpredictable weather. Glamping works best as a fair weather activity.


Don’t overload extension cords which can overheat. Run heavy-duty exterior cords directly from indoor outlets.

Avoid loose rugs and fabrics that can blow around in wind and storms. Use heavy weighted pieces secured to the ground.

Don’t neglect site drainage by clearing pathways and diverting rain and runoff away from tents. Standing water damages structures.

Don’t use harsh detergents or scrubbing on delicate waterproofing or coatings which can degrade from chemicals. Rinse gently instead.

Don’t install permanent structures like plumbing and electricity without permitting and licensed help. These add major liabilities.

Avoid grilling, fire pits, and candles in immediate tent proximity. Create separate spaces for open flames to prevent dangerous sparks and embers.

Don’t underestimate weather by monitoring forecasts closely and having a plan for high winds, lightning, rain, or extreme temperatures.

Don’t forget site cleanup by removing trash promptly and cleaning up debris that could clog drains. Remove all non-permanent structures if not in use.

Don’t use cheap or weak hardware that can bend, warp, crack, or snap under pressure. Invest in high-quality anchors, ropes, poles, and stakes.

Don’t ignore permits and codes for larger buildings and electrical work. Work with your township to stay compliant.

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